CMG Custom Guitars
crafted with beautiful wood,
maximum feel and playability.

Hand built in the UK and with an emphasis on natural woods.
Get in touch if you are interested in having one of these guitars specially crafted for you.


CMG1 Single Cutaway

This CMG1 is built with a laminated and set neck giving it stability and exceptional sustain, a 24.75 inch scale length and a three a side tuner headstock.
Body : made from a two piece African Sapele blank with a book matched American Black Walnut top.
Neck : A five piece laminate comprising of Purpleheart, American Rock Maple and African Sapele, Purpleheart fretboard.
Headstock : American Black Walnut veneer with a Maple and exotic wood laminated trussrod cover.
Control Knobs : Laminated African Sapele, American Rock Maple and Purpleheart.
Finish : Formulated guitar finishing oil.
Hardware : All hardware is optional. On this build we have used Grainger Nickel Plated Hardtail Bridge, IronGear Dirty Torque+Blues Engine set pickups (sound great but your choice), Bone nut, Bourne pots, Wilkingson factory made machine heads, Sintons 230140 fretwire.
Commision your Very own CMG1: email us to discuss your personal requirements:- body wood and top,neck wood, hardware, double cut or single cut, solid body or hollow. The choice is yours


It's funny how life turns out
In my case it's come full circle
if you are interested, read on.

My earliest memories of working in my father’s furniture making factory go back to when I was seven or eight years old. During the holidays I used to shovel the big piles of shavings from the factory floor, stack the wood that came out of the thicknesser and go down the chippy at lunch time and get everyone’s fish and chips. By the time I went to secondary school Dad was giving me jobs like cutting out chair armrests on the bandsaw. Although the plan was for me to follow Dad into the business, in 1975 when was thirteen, I started music lessons learning the trumpet and loved it. Then it happened... I heard Bohemian Rhapsody and that was it. ROCK N ROLL, HERE I COME. Just before my seventeenth birthday I got a job at Phonogram studios, I soon graduated to Sound engineer and over the next five years learnt my craft working with some of the top producers of the time , recording artists that included Ian Dury, The Jam, Sham69, Kirsty McColl, Thin Lizzy, Elkie Brooks, Randy California, Edwin Starr and Dusty Springfield. I spent some time as a freelance producer before joining MTV Europe in 1987 as Broadcast sound supervisor. I worked there for nearly twenty years, sound mixing live shows and band performances. Over the years I have learnt so much about the intricacies of guitar sounds. And here I am now using my dads tools and my wealth of music experience to produce original and bespoke hand made guitars.
Chris Goreham


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